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The Wealthy Investor


Tyrone Jackson, The Wealthy Investor, is a trusted stock market trader and best selling Amazon.com author, who has built his reputation on his unique ability to simplify stock trading and investing. He is also a mentor and trusted wealth building coach to major Silicon Valley and Hollywood producers. Tyrone is a frequent guest on radio and TV shows, and has been quoted in the Los Angeles Daily News, CBS MarketWatch.com, Newsday, the San Francisco Chronicle, and StreetIQ.com.  


Tyrone's Road to Financial Success

His road to financial success was a winding one. 

Trained in the theater, Tyrone rose to become a sought-after voice-over actor in commercials and

Tyrone Jackson

films. Lucrative as this career proved, Tyrone knew that it wouldn’t ensure financial security. So he studied up.

Tyrone learned that, contrary to conventional wisdom, successful stock trading is not about timing the market. Rather it’s about perceiving patterns. “A stock can only do one of three things,” he says. “Go up, down or stay flat. It’s going to move largely because of its revenue. The first pattern we want to observe is whether that company is making money. It really is that simple.”

As his portfolio grew, Tyrone learned more about maximizing profits, especially when he discovered call options. In simple terms, this meant selling to other investors the right, but not the obligation, to buy his stock in certain companies. Whether or not the deal went through, Tyrone kept the fee. Multiply that by thousands of shares, and the potential residual income is almost limitless.


The Inspiration to Give Back

Tyrone often tells his students that before changing their financial lives, they must first change long-held beliefs about money, and especially beliefs that hold them back. “It’s not until you change your money beliefs by having faith in something you never knew about, that your life can change,” he says.

Though building wealth may seem like a self-centered endeavor, Tyrone says the Wealthy Investor program inspires students to give back. One of his former students chose to send the $5,000 she was now earning each month to her parents, who had trouble paying for heating oil in the winter. Another student, who worked as a receptionist, diverted thousands of monthly residual dollars to pay for her niece’s private school tuition.

“I encourage my students to help those whom they love,” Tyrone says. “It’s not all about extravagance. It’s about people helping other people. Our world would be a better place if we put more emphasis on service. Because I teach others, I have the opportunity to help them, so I’m being of service, while getting to talk about a subject I really like.”

Monthly Income in Up, Down and Sideways Markets

He is the first to admit that global markets have grown more volatile in recent years, with plenty of shocks to come. That doesn’t mean the smart investor cannot profit from it. “When the world changes, the companies we want to own should change,” Tyrone says. “In a bear market, I teach people how to make money when stocks go down. It’s a different skill set, but it’s still monthly income 12 months out of the year.”

Today, Tyrone divides his time between his 10-acre estate in upstate New York and his home in Malibu. He enjoys his success but remains humbled, thanks to his modest beginnings and his unflinching desire to help others achieve their dreams.

“My program is for those who want to change their lives by getting the education they didn’t get in school,” Tyrone says. “In today’s world, to be successful you need that financial education.


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