Tyrone has made it possible for me to positively restructure my outlook and feelings towards the success of my financial future. He has a unique and inspired gift for teaching a subject that at one point seemed totally overwhelming and turning it into something completely obtainable and actually quite enjoyable. I’m continuing to learn new strategies that make it possible to prosper in any market situation. The knowledge I’ve learned in the different levels of Tyrone’s classes will continue to be beneficial throughout my life to allow me to achieve and surpass my original financial goals. *See disclaimer below.

Matt Anthony

I have known Tyrone for a long time, both as a student and a friend, and he never ceases to amaze me! His wide-ranging understanding of the financial markets, along with his genuine care for the people he works with, have changed my mindset about money, and subsequently changed my life. If you want a measure of financial freedom, then you need a financial education. And if you want a financial education, then you need to study with Tyrone Jackson! *See disclaimer below.

Valencia Yearwood

Tyrone’s stock market trading and investing teachings and disciplines, coupled with his positive and contagious energy has given me hope and empowered me to navigate to a stronger and more stable financial future. *See disclaimer below.

Brian DeMars

Tyrone has passed on an invaluable and priceless education to me that I am profoundly grateful for. To have power and confidence and literacy in the area of finance and investments is vital and essential these days. I am on the road to true financial freedom thanks to the Wealthy Investor Programs. *See disclaimer below.

Melissa Heebink

Albert Einstein once said: ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough!’ Tyrone has taken this simple, yet profound phrase, and, by making option trading understandable to the masses, proven that he understands the financial market. His classes are full of students at all levels of trading experience. All you need is “grade school math” and a willingness to learn, and you’ll be ready to take control of your financial future.” *See disclaimer below.

Zane Mark

I am so grateful for the opportunity to transform my financial future. I always knew that working a nine to five was not the way to financial freedom, but I wasn’t sure how to get there. The moment I began investing with Tyrone and the wealthy investor program, the path became so clear and as a result my future has changed dramatically. What Tyrone teaches really works! I am so thankful for what I’ve learned already and look forward to learning even more about the many ways of being a successful investor.” *See disclaimer below.

Schubert Perotte, MD, FACEP

The Wealthy Investors Millionaires Club has changed my life. It has changed the way I look at money. I am forever changed, for the better, and forever indebted to Mr. Jackson for showing me the light and the road to make all of my financial dreams come true.” *See disclaimer below.

Andre Blake

Tyrone Jackson’s Wealthy Investor program has opened up a world of possibilities for me. By learning to change my thinking about money, I have begun to overcome my fears and limiting habits. The Wealthy Investor Millionaires Club monthly meetings are exciting and truly empowering. And best of all, I am experiencing the freedom to focus on being an artist. I consider the Wealthy Investor program to be an important part of the foundation that will support all of my future success.” *See disclaimer below.

Paul Geiger

You owe it to yourself to join The Wealthy Investor Millionaires Club. Tyrone helped me understand concepts like ROI and Options, in a user friendly atmosphere. But that’s the beginning. Once you put these concepts to work, that’s when the fun begins! You’ll be truly amazed at the results. Oh, as a side note, you’ll meet some incredibly like-minded people.” *See disclaimer below.

Linda Bianchi

Tyrone has changed my life and the way I look at money. Being an independent contractor/ having my own businesses almost entire working life, I always felt left out in the cold when it came to retirement. Now I make money EVERY month trading options, with a plan and direction for where my money goes that far exceeds pretty much everyone I know. Trading is exciting, allows me use brain in a new way, and is a path to financial freedom. When I explain options strategies that allow me to make money when the market moves, up, down, or stays the same to even advanced traders and hedge fund professionals, they are blown away by how much I have learned in such a short time. I have recommended Tyrone’s program to many friends, and have woven it in to the fabric of my business so my agents can also feel the freedom and joy that comes with a financial education.” *See disclaimer below.

Karla Saladino

I had been contemplating retirement for some time, but had no defined benefit retirement plan. Fearing the uncertainty of the future, I felt that I needed to find something to bring in some income each month to augment my IRA and 401(k) savings. After just a year in the program, I now have the skills, the insight and the confidence to consistently make my money work for me- each and every month! Tyrone’s patience and style of teaching made the journey into this new world of financial independence easy and exciting. The Wealthy Investor is a game changer for me- had I discovered this program earlier, I would have been retired already. Truly “Life Changing!” *See disclaimer below.

Ken Korenek

Working with Tyrone Jackson has provided a level of financial stability, confidence and SUCCESS I’ve never had before and never want to be without again. Though I thoroughly enjoy and benefit from The Wealthy Investor program’s class atmosphere, the personal teaching and mentoring opportunity Tyrone offers is an excellent supplement and has helped move me further along my path to fiscal freedom.” *See disclaimer below.

James Bullard

* DISCLAIMER:  Stocks and options trading involves risk and is not suitable for every investor. The stocks and options prices vary and, as a result, clients may lose or gain from their original investment.  Stock illustrations posted on TheWealthlyInvestor.net web site are for illustration purposes only. Your personal results as a trader/investor may vary from the WI students listed above.

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