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Too often investors put money in an online trading account and hope the stocks they purchase increase in value.  This rarely works.  Most investors need a  financial education in order to generate consistent profits.  Tyrone Jackson, the Wealthy Investor, is a successful stock trader, teacher, Huffington Post Blogger and best selling Amazon.com author.  His Increase Your Stock Profits Video Course educates investors will teach you how to create wealth and monthly residual income.

Buying stocks on your own can be very risky.

Without the right strategies, you will lose money.

What do Wealthy Investors know that you don’t?  How to make money every month in every market condition.  When stocks rise the market is bullish. When stocks decline the market is bearish.  When stocks prices stay the same, the market is natural.  Only Tyrone Jackson’s Increase Your Stock Profits Video Course will teach you how to lower your risk by trading stocks that are members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500.

If you want to be a successful stock market trader and investor, a financial education is the key to your success. 

 Fear of Losing Money

Most investors fear losing money because they have never been introduced to strategies which produce consistent profits.  


Big Profits 

How do Tyrone and his students earn big profits every month? They take advantage of three underutilized strategies used by Wall Street pros.


They are:

1) Covered Writing for Guaranteed Income.

One of the techniques used by Wall Street insiders to generate guaranteed income for institutional funds is selling, or "writing," covered calls.  Covered call writing allows any investor to generate $500 to $5,000 per month.


2) Volatility Trading for Fast Profits.

Volatility allows you to purchase a stock and program a sell order in your online trading account which will sell the stock once the price rises a specified amount. As stock prices rise throughout the day, you’ll make money selling your shares while you are out enjoying your life.


3) Dividend Capturing for Wealth Building.

Institutional investors collect millions of dollars per quarter collecting dividends on low risk stocks. So can you. But you need to know when this strategy works best.

Give your self a major advantage.
Learn The Wealthy Investor approach to trading and investing.


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Increase Your Stock Profits

Online Video Course


 Here's What You'll Learn:


Video Lesson 1: Your Millionaire Mindset

To earn consistent profits trading stocks, your mindset is key.


Video Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Trading Account

Learn why every trader should add margin to their trading account.


Video Lesson 3: Dow Stocks

How Dow Stocks can make you rich. 


Video Lesson 4: Covered Calls

How covered calls create residual income.


Video Lesson 5: Allocation

How to create wealth, lower risk, and manage profits with the right allocation. 


Video Lesson 6: Volatility Trading 101

How to volatility trade in a bull market for fast, sexy profits.


Video Lesson 7: Choosing Good Stocks

How to choose good stocks with consistent top-line revenue growth for wealth building. 


Video Lesson 8: Putting It All Together

How to follow The Wealthy Investor System for even greater success.



Imagine how good it will feel knowing you can produce consistent profits

with The Wealthy Investor approach. 



Here’s what just a few Wealthy Investor students have to say:

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Each Month You Can Use Your Wealthy Investor Stock Market Profits To:




Enjoy your life

Help others


It’s time to Change you life.  You’re only minutes from learning:

  • To think like a millionaire.

  • The strategies that make you money in up and down markets.

  • How to create long-term wealth.

  • How to use covered calls to create income, and much much more.




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