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This 24 Lesson Course was originally offered from March 22nd through June 7th 2017, covering the fundamentals of option buying, trading and investing. All of the original video and audio lessons are posted for your review at a deep discount off the original price. 

Now you can easily track the option trades that earned Tyrone and his students thousands of dollars over the course of 12 weeks.



In the Replay of this Course You will Learn: 


Video Lesson One: How to cultivate a millionaire trader’s mindset. 

Video Lesson Two: How call options work.

Video Lesson Three: The basics of volatility trading and how to volatility trade Dow and S&P stocks.

Video Lesson Four: An introduction to LEAPS and Greeks. 

Video Lesson Five: Forecasting and Research. 

Video Lesson Six: Option Profits.

Video Lesson Seven: How To Trade TXN.

Video Lesson Eight: Setting Up Your Trading Account. 

Video Lesson Nine: Trading Shares and Options.

Audio Lesson Ten:  Live Group Coaching Call.

Video Lesson Eleven: How To Purchase LEAPS. 

Video Lesson Twelve: How To Trade NVDA High Vol. 

Audio Lesson Thirteen: Live Group Coaching Call.

Video Lesson Fourteen: $100 to $150 Options Formula. 

Video Lesson Fifteen: Planning a Netflix Options Trade.

Audio Lesson Sixteen: Live Group Coaching Call.

Video Lesson Seventeen: Understanding Bid Ask Spreads. 

Video Lesson Eighteen: TMUS for Fast Money.

Audio Lesson Nineteen: Live Group Coaching Call.

Video Lesson Twenty: The TMUS LEAPS Options Hedge. 

Video Lesson Twenty-One: Q to Q LEAPS Options.

Video Lesson Twenty-Two: Fast Money Trade For $12,000

Audio Lesson Twenty-Three: Live Group Coaching Call.

Audio Lesson Twenty-Four: Live Group Coaching Call.


Advanced Topics Include: 

  • Greater understanding of bid/ask spreads

  • Advanced strategies for In and Out of the money LEAPS options

  • Big Profits using Retracement LEAPS

  • and much more…



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The Wealthy Investor options trading system helps my students, just like you, produce fast, sexy profits because we focus on owning stocks that are members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500.

Rather than owning shorter dated options, we focus on trading longer dated options, know as LEAPS (long term equity anticipation securities.)

LEAPS options are Wall Street’s hidden secrets. They allow hedge funds, college endowments, and institutional traders to earn millions of dollars using leverage.  

If you want to make fast, sexy trading profits, you need to learn how to trade LEAPS.


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Options Profits Course Spring 2017 Replay

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Options Profits Course Spring 2017 Replay


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